Missing you

I miss you
Every day
Every minute
Every breath
With your precious name
Every heartbeat
I choke back my tears
I have all I need
In your arms
In your presence
Curling up
In your heart
I want to stay
there forever
loving you
You are the one person
in my entire life
who taught me
to say “I`m happy”,
to be filled with admiration
and perfect bliss
My amazing friend
my soulmate
I`m absolutely yours.
Missing you all the time…

12th of February

poem 5


March 17th

This isn`t a sad story I`d like to tell

Just a happy one because I fell

 in a torrential flow and learnt to fly

swirling and dancing… oh, dear, why


I have to sit in a basement and bite my lips

hiding among these barrels, dry rose-hips?

 I know I`ll stand my ground and stand the test

And swear against all odds to do my best.


I eager to be a witness, I`d love to, but

They say I`m just insane and  have to cut

 Every my silly sentence about this

But if you had ever asked me… Love isn`t myth.


My to do before Christmas list

 Thank you, Anna, for your amazing  idea!

 (I am going to add this list to my story about two soulmates living in a castle…)

* To thank God every day for His miracles, especially for you…
*to find out where we shut away our Christmas lights last year (those silver, remember?)
*and to clear out, then
*to finish and publish my new poems written during your absence
*to pray not only every time I see something worth to impart to God the admiration of its beauty but also when I am confused and desperate
*to learn how to take care of my newly bought poinsettia
*to learn new tunes for my tin-whistle
*to doodle every time I feel lonely and frustrated
*to write haiku to ease my longing
*to kiss every letter in text messages you send me
*to tell you tomorrow morning you are the only person in the world who tell me so amazing words as I want to letter them in gold. And your poems even very short make me to think of chrysography
*to learn how to make latte art at home
*to buy a cocoa box for a quick bite between classes
And you can`t deny it compliments the cold morning better than our favourite white mango tea
(stick to business, I`m keeping it up)
*to thank God we are together and I will be able to hug you tightly every time I want when you return home