All that I want

These endless nights when I am alone
It`s getting dark, the sun has gone
All can I do is watch the lantern`s gleaming

My life had never changed before
You came along with magic lore
And my dim stars are now brightly beaming

You are
you are

My love
My life
My light
My air
My dreaming

The continents and seas
they are between us
I close my eyes, I see you on the shore

You are so far, but nothing can divide us
I love you to the death, I love you more

One perfect happy week when you are here
We`re walking, holding hands, the sky is clear
wo hearts which melted into one for ever

No need for Skype to say good night, we`re missing
so many calls, we`re offline and kissing…
All that I want is to let you go never


My love
my life
my light
my air
my breathing…

The second poem I would like to become a song… If I were a composer…


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